Two Typical Days

You probably didn’t know this about me, but I live a half hour from a Unesco World Heritage Site. Yeah. Alberta’s that cool. It is, of course, about dinosaurs. Yeah. Alberta’s that much of a desert wasteland. Joking! Sort of. Our climate zone is definitely on the “arid” side of temperate, but Dinosaur Provincial Park […]

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Amy and I will have to give ourselves a collective slap on the wrist–not a single post in all of July! Summer does that to you, perhaps: a big jumbled mess of busy, languid; travel, lounging; visiting, reading–in a hammock. Always in a hammock! Today I biked to a provincial park in oppressive heat, then […]

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Let’s get schooly for a moment. Not that I think spending your life comparing yourself to others is a great plan, but when you’re living alternatively, occasionally getting schooly has its benefits. It can help to validate one’s own choices, and help others to understand said choices, by speaking their language. I come in peace. […]

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Internet Famous

It’s true, fair readers. You can now say you knew us when because we are about to BLOW UP. Just kidding. But we did have a fun time interviewing with Robyn of the podcast “Honey, I’m Homeschooling the Kids”. She interviews all sorts of people doing all sorts of interesting things, and also us. Have […]

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Convince me!

I sometimes regret that my kids won’t have that classic small-town experience of having gone to school with the same people from kindergarten through high school, because in my fantasy-of-school, those experiences will become the basis of lifelong friendships. I see other  kids walking home together from school, laughing and running in the June sunshine, […]

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The Lesson by the Lake

When we moved here to Brooks, one thing I was excited about was the location of our rental. It overlooked the biggest of the town’s manmade lakes; very picturesque, and it has a well maintained paved path going all around. It’s about 2.5 km, with a nice play structure 1/3 of the way around. In the […]

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