The WORST Reason to Choose Unschooling

If you're thinking of trying out unschooling for any of the following reasons, STOP right where you are and read this first. The worst reasons to try unschooling are as follows: Because you saw someone you admire doing it and it seems like a perfect lifestyle.Because it's the only good way to raise children.Because any... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy and All of It

Here's a thing about unschoolers: we are an incredibly amorphous group. You can't even fairly call us a group--we have no leader, no rule book; we're all over the map. All we have are¬†ideas.¬†Sure, those ideas started with one man, who put them into some great books, but there's still about a million ways to... Continue Reading →

You’re doing it backwards!

Dear stay-at-home parents who send their kids to school, You're doing it backwards! If you think about it, by the time your kid is ready for school, you've done a lot of the hardest, most tiring work of parenting. Your four or five year old is walking, talking, and has pretty good hand-eye coordination. They're... Continue Reading →

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