This is a blog about unschooling. We are two sisters who grew up in the conventional public school system, but have both decided to unschool our own kids. Between the two of us, we have nine of them. This is a blog about all the things we experience and figure out as our kids grow up in Canada without school.

If the term “unschooling” is new to you, here are a few links to get you familiar with it:

A nice friendly one
An academic one
One that’s written in point form

There’s a ton out there already about unschooling on a theoretical level, but we wanted to help people understand what life is like on a daily basis for us as mothers of young kids, and the implications of unschooling in Ontario and Alberta.


Hi I’m Amy, the oldest sister. I live in rural Ontario with my husband and our four kids (and one dog, whereas Jacqui has no dogs. Just saying.). My oldest was born in 2006 and my youngest in 2012. None of my kids have ever been in school. I came pretty close to sending our oldest to junior kindergarten but the closer it got to September that year, the more I realized, NOPE. Since then I have decided nope for several successive Septembers and here we are.



I am the younger sister, forever living in Amy’s shadow. Except I beat her by having five children, so I guess I win forever. Also I live in Alberta, which is arguably the sunniest province in Canada, so probably Amy is living in more shadows. With all the trees. And such. My kids birthdays range from 2008-2017, and I decided to unschool when my oldest was two! Alberta is our family’s latest stop–we’ve also homeschooled in Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

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