Real Life is DIY

So in September I got G, who is ten, a six month tinker crate subscription. Yesterday his monthly box came, and a couple hours later he came to me very upset because he’d accidentally busted the supplied battery set-up. His dad is kind of handy with that stuff so I sent him to see if he could fix it for him.

Well I just checked in to find out if his dad had been able to solve it. G said, “actually I fixed it!” Brad had bought a few soldering supplies a few months ago for the kids to mess around with, after a bit of guidance and instruction. And it turns out G is proficient enough now at the skill to fix his own darn battery. Well then!

Also, L is a huge fan of DIY hacks. He made me these duct tape earrings that he saw in a DIY book:

To me, because I believe in people’s capacity to learn information and skills when they need them, my greatest goal as a parent is to support my children’s love of learning and their confidence in their own creative problem solving capacities. I am constantly surrounded by evidence that so far, it seems to be working.

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