Ditch the Curriculum; It’s in the Way


This is what I did yesterday, with the three youngest. A friend invited us to come to the small lake in town to pick up trash and play. It was a beautiful day to be outside, and a fabulous community-conscious kind of activity.

How many curriculum objectives could you fit into this day? Sometimes it’s fun to play that game and see how many you can get. Because the reality is that this is life! Curriculum is our insecure way of tracking learning, but learning happens whether you label it or not. And it happens at a deeper, more authentic, more meaningful level when you toss the worksheets and just LIVE! 

3 thoughts on “Ditch the Curriculum; It’s in the Way

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  1. “Curriculum is our insecure way of tracking learning” — what a great phrase. A friend just told me that the superintendent she works with said the biggest thing to not trying new learning ideas at school was fear. I find it fascinating to catch these glimpses of fear lurking about in the current schooling approach.


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