Photo Journal

Another quick post, because I took a picture this morning, and then took a few more. So for you today I have: a photo journal of unschooling on January 11th:


This morning, L asked to do yoga, which means following along Cosmic Kids on YouTube. G and F and even the baby joined in. They haven’t done this in a while but someone brought the yoga mats into the open the other day and I guess it reminded L. Just call it strewing.


E and her cousin decided to bake over Skype today. This is beneficial for me because E gets a step by step tutorial from her culinarily gifted older cousin and I get tasty cake. ‘Twas good.


Every afternoon we have our game time where the kids can play video games for a few hours if they so desire, after they eat lunch and do their jobs. Yes, my kids, unlike Amy’s, have chores. E tidies our sun room and takes out the garbage; G cleans the kitchen counter and sweeps the floor; L takes the recycling out back and tidies the landing. I don’t love cleaning and I need the consistency of knowing what is going to be taken care of by someone else every day. Anyway, yesterday I brought home a bunch of library books just before lunch so the boys spent half of game time reading comics. But today, I think everyone played games.


This afternoon, E had a couple friends over. She was very excited about the one friend because she just moved into town and E is always looking to expand her circle. Very socially-minded person. One hundred percent the reason she wants to try out school. But G and L spent most of the afternoon listening to the Story Pirates podcast on the iPad.

I don’t have a picture for the end of the day, but after supper all the kids went downstairs and played together. I heard the microphone of the karaoke machine a friend gave to us turn on. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the added clutter but the kids love playing around with it. And it’s old and free so I’m happy for them to do so!

And you know what I did today? I made pretty good headway on properly organizing what I call our “project room”, which is exactly as it sounds. It houses the sewing machine and the microscope and various craft items and all sorts of random tidbits (which is why it’s hard to organize). It is the safe space for the older children to go and work on projects that would be wrecked by little hands. We just moved it from a long, narrow windowless room to a tighter space with a bit of natural light. The result is a lot cozier and I’m excited about it!!

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