My Day

The sun is bright, the weather warm, the snow melted, and every day life feels amazing. For one thing, it has been reaffirmed to me that my family and I aren’t a bunch of no good lumps of lazy. It’s just that winter got a bit…long. And we got a bit…bored. But now everything has changed! Life is full of interesting things, and activity, and play. For instance, here’s today:

Brad and E drove to Lethbridge this afternoon. He’s a presenter at Aggie Days–this thing where mostly school children visit a bunch of booths set up by various players in the agricultural industry to learn all about it. This is the third time E has been a ride along on one of Brad’s work trips, but usually he leaves her playing Minecraft while he attends conference sessions. This is the first time she will be attending the event itself! I’m excited about it! What an amazing real life opportunity this is, to get to help her dad present at an exhibition! Plus she gets to swim in the hotel pool, watch TV, and eat restaurant food, so basically kid dream come true. They’ll be gone two nights, which means she unfortunately will miss the first day of OUTDOOR SOCCER! I think I’m a tad eager about the whole spring thing.

It’s been a long winter. Did I mention the long winter?

At home it’s just the boys and me. While G coded games on Scratch ( look it up it’s free) using an instruction book from the library and L and F watched the timeless classic Paw Patrol, I spent the first part of thIMG_6141e afternoon finally unpacking what I am calling the “project room”, which is the space entirely devoted to all the sorts of projects you don’t want a toddler messing around with. Things like sewing, snap circuits, art supplies, a very expensive microscope, thousand piece puzzles…it has a door, see. It needs a lot more work, including a new light fixture that doesn’t make it feel so “prison-y” in there, but the furniture is arranged and most of the things are put away, so I’m feeling pretty good about that!

The later part of the afternoon the older boys frolicked at the park across the road while baby and I basked in the yard. I raked, and raked, and raked while the boys played and played and played! It was glorious. Then a friend of E’s came over with her mom to ask to play. I told her E would be home on Thursday, and the plan is for her to walk over after school because of course now we are next door to the school. You know, before moving here I just thought it was a funny irony that I’m so conveniently located and my children don’t even go to school, plus the park would be nice, but actually it’s not ironic at all. It’s proving thoroughly convenient for playing with friends, and I’m digging it!

After supper as I put the baby to sleep, the boys frolicked in the yard. L didn’t believe me that it had been much more than five minutes when I called him in for bed, and he had a bit of an angry stomp coming in. He’s a little bit of a psychopath because he goes into these rages and then one second later he’s all cheery and bobbly-headed. If he gets on the news for something crazy in his adulthood, I’m sorry. I don’t know how I could have prevented it.

In the evening G drank herbal tea and I transferred the last of the renovation debris from the car port to the utility trailer. And it was good. And then I had ice cream.

I anticipate more days of this sort–days where I love our lifestyle, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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