An Easy Peasy Home Visit

On top of the drama camp, one more thing of note occurred last week. This one’s pretty Alberta-specific, full disclosure. Last week I had my initial home visit with my facilitator (the lovely lady who was busily engaged in running a drama camp for a motley crew of whippersnappers by day). So if you’re considering unschooling in […]

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You’re doing it backwards!

Dear stay-at-home parents who send their kids to school, You’re doing it backwards! If you think about it, by the time your kid is ready for school, you’ve done a lot of the hardest, most tiring work of parenting. Your four or five year old is walking, talking, and has pretty good hand-eye coordination. They’re […]

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The Busy Week Part Two

As mentioned in my previous post, last week was abnormally busy because of this homeschool drama camp E and G participated in. It was a great experience in so many ways! G, who has always been my shy kid; who used to refuse to even stand in front of people; who one time was asked to […]

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How will they learn to read?

If you don’t teach your kids to read, will they be illiterate for life? There has been a lot written by other unschoolers addressing this topic. Sandra Dodd has a good little collection of anecdotes here. And Dr. Peter Gray wrote this article on the subject. Here’s how it worked for us: My oldest is […]

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The Busy Week

This past week has been a wild experience. E and G were in a play, put together by their homeschool facilitator. She lives a couple hours away, so scripts and music were distributed with Dropbox in September, and after 1.5 months of practicing at home everyone came together for a whirlwind week to rehearse and […]

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Here We Are–how I came to unschool

It all started with a mysterious coincidence, and Facebook. As modern things do. It was 2010, E, my first, was just two years old. I was scrolling through my Facebook–wall, or whatever the thing was back then–and I came across a post Facebook had generated that said, “Amy and Janine like ‘Thomas Jefferson Education‘”. In later […]

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How I decided to Unschool

Throwback to the year 2008 when I was living in Edmonton and I only had two kids: a two year old and a baby. I had just found a new playgroup that met down the street from me which was run in the cheerfully decorated downstairs of a small house. This playgroup was different from the […]

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