Snapshot of a Moment

I’m really not sure there’s a more effective way to give a sense of the day to day unschooling lifestyle than taking some impromptu candid photos. This was on an unexceptional morning last week. E was at school, which she continues to choose of her own free will (an accommodation I continue to love being able to provide), and here’s what the boys were up to:

I decided to be a nice mom and whip up some play dough for the littles. They enjoyed helping me stir the pot and watching the heat convert it into dough. I think they liked playing with it best, though. Honestly I don’t do this super often, but that means it has the benefit of holding their attention for a long time when I do. Also, the dough is pink because L was eating beets from a can and decided to try dyeing

24099424-F6A4-4B4C-A4DF-9C7A9E63A847This is a picture of the puffed wheat squares L made. He’s been really into cooking lately. Now that he’s grasped the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon he’s pretty independent in the kitchen, and we all reap the benefits!

G spent the morning doing more coding on Code Kingdoms.There’s definitely a lot more of this kind of thing going on in the winter months. Especially when the temps are at a season low and even the penguins at the zoo have to stay inside!

So there you have it. A snapshot of an unremarkably typical morning in January.

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