Unschool Snapshot

Wednesdays are library day. Every morning we all walk the six blocks so the younger kids can participate in story time, and the older kids can peruse comics (which I now refuse to check out after G wrecked the cover of a $100 manga book) and find chapter books to bring home.

After story time I usually read books to them for a while, but today no one was interested. I was about to start home when I noticed G assembling this structure. He said, “It took thirteen years for them to build the international space station”, which he had learned from a book he was perusing just now, and then they pretended to run a space station for a while.

This is unschooling, guys. Mostly I am facilitating opportunities for self education; and note that I do assess my kids’ educational progress, but it is nearly entirely passive observation like this. And it works. I’ll write a post soon about my thoughts on E and school, now that she’s been there a whole month.

for now, let’s appreciate this library space station together.


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  1. “This is unschooling, guys.”

    Such a perfect statement. I appreciate your writing style: it is bright and compassionate.


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