Apple Day!

Today while the school kids are separated from real life by walls, rules, texts and abstractions, my unschooled kids are producing something real.

The apples on our overgrown backyard tree are ready to go, so today after screen time was over and the sun had warmed things up, I sent the kids outside to gather me some apples.

I’m listening to the oldest boy give directions and coordinate the efforts, they seem to have a whole system going, with the littlest sister finding windfall apples that don’t have any holes and adding them to to bucket.

The younger son just came inside to start a timer on the computer. He and his little sister have decided to take turns with the apple picking tool, and to make it fair, they’re keeping time.

I’ll have them sort out some good apples to give to the food bank, and we’ll make the rest into applesauce.

I love the slow pace of our unschool life, the opportunity to include kids in daily tasks that accomplish something real, and build their relationships with each other.

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