There is No Grade Level for Knowing Things

An exchange that explains unschooling:

Husband: I think the [older] kids are at the grade level now where they should understand the difference between transparent, translucent, and opaque.

Wife: There is no grade level for knowing that. The kids learn things when it matters. Honestly, I [a school educated, highly literate, lover of words] am still not super clear on what opaque even is—I’ve always been confused by it [even though I’ve looked it up several times]. But I’ve managed to get through life pretty well, regardless.

Husband: What?? Well, that [see-through, tinted] bottle that B had is opaque.

Wife: …isn’t that translucent?

Husband: (confused, now doubting himself, retrieves phone) Siri, define opaque.

Siri: Not able to be seen through; not transparent.

Husband: oh yeah right. Yes. So that bottle is not opaque.

Wife: Yes. Also, I rest my case.

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