Unschooling Through the Eyes of a Kid

[ Note from Amy: This is a guest post by my 10 year old son. He chose this creepy picture all by himself, hahaha]

I think unschooling is fun. I still have lots of friends, I’m as smart as other kids, I spend more time with my family and friends, I don’t have to spend 35 hours a week sitting still in a classroom, I can go to the bathroom without a hall pass and eat whenever i want to.

A school year is 180 days, and with that extra 180 days of free time I can learn stuff that I want to learn not what school wants us to, and budget cuts can’t take away classes. Right now I like learning guitar, playing soccer, baking stuff, video games, I know a bit of German, I’m reading Lord of the Flies, and in the fall I’ll be in scouts.

I’ll always love learning because it is always our choice. I can learn anytime I want to, not just in the morning. I can start and end learning at anytime I want. I could go on for millennia about why unschooling is the best but by then you’d all be dead!

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